Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the products made?

We manufacture all of our product line, with exception of the multi-pronged star spot and the new concho line, onsite. Because we have the capability to do this, we are able to ensure a 100% quality controlled product.

What is a saddlery prong?

One of the first areas of interest for The Standard Rivet Company’s product was the saddle and harness industry. Because saddles were made of thicker leather than harnesses, we started to produce our round head spots with 2 different lengths of prong legs. The standard leg (measures ¼”) and the “saddlery prong”, which measures 5/16”.

What material can your spots be applied to?

The majority of our spots are designed to be applied into leather. Other materials, such as vinyl, pleather, denim, and nylon are also decorated with our products; however, these materials may need to be backed to increase their thickness to hold our spot.

What is the difference between a spot, nailhead, dot, and stud?

The only difference is the terminology that people use to describe the product.

What quantities do I need to order to get a price break?

Quantity pricing is based on the purchase of a boxed item. This can be anywhere from 5000 to 100,000 pieces depending on the item. Please contact Pat Shay for discussions regarding quantity discounts

How do I order a special finish?

If an item that you are interested in is not listed in a finish that you need, please call/email your request to us. We will be happy to discuss the finishing options with you.

Are your spot setting machines brand new?

Except for our most popular #2 machine; all of our spot setters are refurbished machines. The Standard Rivet Company has been in business since 1888, and believe it or not, there are spot setters out in the industry from that century that are still running. Machines produced in the 1900’s were made to last, so, when you purchase a spot setter from us, you will not only be buying a machine that is tried and true, but also a piece of American history.

Why is the #2 machine so popular?

This machine is what we consider our “start-up” spot setting machine. It is a cast iron, table top, manual feed machine geared to the crafter that is interested in setting a small to moderate amounts of spots. It is priced affordably, will last forever (and we do stand behind this claim 100%), and with a simple die set change for each size spot, will set any spot we produce. It is very common for a customer to start off with this machine, increase his need to set greater amounts of spots, purchase an automatic spot setter, and still retain the #2 machine to set spots. We get many calls inquiring about the possibility of buying a used #2 machine. We don’t have them because we never get them returned!

I was trying to buy your products from Japan, but was told you do not sell to my country. Why?

In September, 2003 The Standard Rivet Company entered into an exclusive agreement with Startrading Company. We recognize them as the sole distributor of The Standard Rivet Company products in Japan. If orders are generated from Japan, or are being shipped to Japan, they will be referred to the Startrading Company. Startrading carries the entire product line of The Standard Rivet Company.

Do you sell tubular rivets and snaps?

No we do not. Our entire product is one piece-2 pronged.